Business Units


Owner and operator of cable systems that provide digital video, internet and phone services to subscribers in 19 midwestern, western and southern states. Cable ONE is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ.


  • Thomas O. Might
    President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Julie M. Laulis
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Stephen A. Fox
    Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer
  • Mike E. Bowker
    Senior Vice President, Chief Sales and Marketing Officerr
  • T. Mitchell Bland
    Vice President, Central Division
  • Michelle Cameron
    Vice President, Southeast Division
  • Aldo Casartelli
    Vice President, New Products and Business Development
  • Patrick Dolohanty
    Vice President and Treasurer
  • Joseph J. Felbab
    Vice President, Marketing
  • John D. Gosch
    Vice President, West Division
  • James J. Hannan
    Vice President, Engineering and Construction
  • Eric Lardy
    Vice President, Finance and Strategy
  • Chip McDonald
    Vice President, Customer Service Operations
  • Kishore Reddy
    Vice President, Product Development and Support
  • Alan Silverman
    Vice President, General Counsel, Director of Administration, and Secretary
  • Janiece St. Cyr
    Vice President, Human Resources
  • Cary Westmark
    Vice President, Information Technology

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