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Investor Relations

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GRAHAM HOLDINGS CO filed this Form 8-K on 04/27/2017
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(i)            Contributor shall transfer to New University all of Contributor’s right, title and interest in and to the equipment and other tangible assets owned by Contributor and used by Contributor exclusively to provide the Support Functions to New University at the time of exercise of such Buyout Option (“Buyout Tangible Assets”).

(ii)            Contributor shall transfer to New University third party contracts:  (1) for the license of software, equipment or other technology, including maintenance contracts related to any of the foregoing; (2) for services; or (3) for the lease of tangible personal property or real property, in each case that is licensed or leased by Contributor, and, in each case where the services and assets, which are the subject of such contracts, are used exclusively in the performance of the Support Functions at the time of exercise of such Buyout Option, subject in each case, to any third party Consents required by, and assumption by New University of post-transfer liabilities under, and any obligations imposed under, such third party contracts (“Buyout Contracts”).

(iii)            New University must extend employment offers to key personnel of Contributor whose employment at the time of exercise of such Buyout Option is solely dedicated to providing the Support Functions, and who are then deemed integral to the operation of New University and the servicing of the Institutional Assets (“Exclusive Employees”).

New University shall offer to hire Exclusive Employees, not later than five (5) days prior to the Buyout Closing Date, and Contributor shall cooperate with New University in New University’s efforts to accomplish the retention and hiring of such Exclusive Employees.  New University will offer employment to such Exclusive Employees on such terms and conditions of employment reasonably comparable to those enjoyed by such Exclusive Employees prior to the Buyout Closing.  The obligations of New University to hire such Exclusive Employees shall not be affected by virtue of the absence of any such Exclusive Employee as of the Buyout Closing Date due to any short term disability, long term disability or leave of absence.  Effective as of the Buyout Closing, the employment of all of those Exclusive Employees who are so hired by New University will be terminated by Contributor, and Contributor shall be responsible for severance, if any, due such Exclusive Employees who are hired by New University.  Nothing contained in this Agreement shall confer upon any Contributor employee any right with respect to continuance of employment by New University after the Buyout Closing Date.

(b)            Shared Assets; Prohibitions on Transfer.  Contributor will use commercially reasonable efforts throughout the Term to cause material contracts entered into after the Effective Date, which would be part of the Buyout Contracts, to not contain restrictive clauses that would limit or preclude Contributor’s ability to assign to New University such Buyout Contracts in connection with the exercise of the Buyout Option without the Consent of the applicable third party and without the payment of additional compensation and will not, without the prior written consent of New University, execute any such contracts that require by their express terms the payment of a fee upon assignment of such contract.

To the extent that any of Contributor’s assets, contracts or personnel used to deliver the Support Functions at the time of exercise of the Buyout Option are also used in another area of business engaged in by Contributor or its Affiliate(s), or are subject to restrictions on transfer or assignment, Contributor will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide to New University assets substantially comparable to those which are shared, or which are subject to agreements which prohibit transfer or assignment (through transition services, forking of code or otherwise), and will assist New University in obtaining comparable contracts from third party service Contributors, it being the intent of the Parties that following the consummation of the transfer of the Buyout Assets, New University will have the property required to operate and perform services for itself that are substantially comparable to the Support Functions performed at the time of exercise of the Buyout Option.

(c)            Buyout Closing Date; Closing Deliverables.