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Investor Relations

SEC Filings

GRAHAM HOLDINGS CO filed this Form 8-K on 04/27/2017
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expenses owed to Persons (other than any Party or its Affiliates) which New University is, or will be, obligated to pay to fulfill its educational obligations to students, its obligations to faculty and other employees (including severance), and such other reasonable expenses, including lease obligations and contingent liabilities (or insurance covering such liabilities), during the Closure Period and, to the extent applicable, thereafter.  For purposes of this Section 14.7, the reasonableness of Wind-Down Costs shall be determined in a manner consistent with  the historic practices of Contributor in closing or shutting down academic programs or schools.  To the extent New University has incurred, or chooses to incur, costs and expenses in excess of reasonable Wind-Down Costs, Contributor shall not be responsible for contributing to the NU Fund, for purposes of funding the Closure Reserve, the amount of such excess costs and expenses that are not reasonable Wind-Down Costs.

(d)            Distributions.  During the Teach-Out Period, the distribution of cash in the NU Account shall be distributed as follows, subject in all cases to retention of cash in an amount equal to the then applicable Closure Reserve (it being agreed that the Closure Reserve shall be decreased to the extent of payments from the NU Fund in satisfaction of expenses reflected in calculating the amount of the Closure Reserve):  (i) first, to reimburse New University for unpaid Academic Costs incurred in the applicable period, up to the NU Costs Cap (as the same may be adjusted by the Advisory Committee in the preparation of the Closure Budget), as well as for any Unpaid NU Funds, (ii) second, 20% of the balance of the NU Account funds to New University, and (iii) third, all remaining funds to Contributor.  The foregoing distributions shall not be made in lieu of damages or fees to which Contributor may be entitled under this Agreement.

(e)            Insufficient Revenue.  If, based upon the Closure Budget, there is insufficient estimated Revenue to cover the reasonable Wind-Down Costs, then Purdue and Contributor shall share the responsibility for covering such deficiency on a 50-50 basis and make appropriate cash contributions to the NU Fund.  Contributor shall continue to manage the cash in the NU Fund during the Teach-Out Period and thereafter, New University or its assignee shall assume such responsibility.

14.8     Buyout Option.

Upon each of the following events, New University shall have the right to acquire from Contributor the Buyout Assets, subject to the terms and conditions described in this Section 14.8:  (i) Non-Renewal of this Agreement by New University pursuant to Section 14.3 (Non-Renewal by New University), or (ii) termination of this Agreement by New University pursuant to Section 14.2, Section 14.4 or Section 14.5 (each of the foregoing being called “Buyout Option”).  New University shall exercise the Buyout Option by delivering written notice of its exercise to Contributor at least thirty (30) days prior to the effective expiration date under Section 14.3 or the effective date of termination in Section 14.2, Section 14.4 or Section 14.5 (or such shorter period as exists between the date of a notice of termination (or notice of material breach) and the effective date of termination) (“Buyout Notice”).

Within ten (10) Business Days of Buyer’s timely exercise of the Buyout Option as permitted by this Section 14.8, Contributor shall deliver to New University for its approval, a calculation of the amount of the Early Termination Fee or Post-Initial Term Fee, as applicable, arising solely by reason of the exercise of the Buyout Option under Section 14.4 and Section 14.5, and all supporting documentation relating to such calculation.  If New University objects to such calculation, the Parties shall cooperate to reach a settlement of any differences between them, and if the Parties fail to reach resolution, such differences shall be resolved pursuant to Section 10.2(d) (Examination Notice; Disputes) and Section 10.2(e) (Resolution).

(a)            Buyout Option Exercise.  If New University delivers to Contributor a Buyout Notice, Contributor shall transfer or license, or make available for hire (in the case of Exclusive Employees) to New University, in accordance with, and subject to this Section 14.8, the following (collectively, the “Buyout Assets”).  Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, New University will be responsible for payment of:  (i) any one-time transition or implementation related fees and ongoing, executory fees and obligations, in each case, under Buyout Contracts or otherwise charged by third parties in connection with the transfer or license of Buyout Assets and (ii) any reasonable fees for transition services.