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Investor Relations

SEC Filings

GRAHAM HOLDINGS CO filed this Form 8-K on 04/27/2017
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(a)            Termination Fee Report.  With respect to all payments required to be made by New University upon termination or Non-Renewal under the preceding Sections of this Article 14, Contributor shall prepare and deliver to New University for its approval, a calculation of the amount of the Early Termination Fee or the Post-Initial Term Fee, as applicable, and all supporting documentation relating to such calculation.  If New University objects to such calculation, the Parties shall cooperate to reach a settlement of any differences between them and if the Parties fail to reach resolution, such differences shall be resolved pursuant to Section 10.2(d) (Examination Notice; Disputes) and Section 10.2(e) (Resolution).

(b)            Unpaid Funds.  With respect to any termination or expiration of this Agreement contemplated by this Article 14, the Parties shall perform a Reconciliation as of the effective date of such termination or expiration to determine the amount, if any, owed to a Party pursuant to the Distribution Waterfall for the period ending on the effective date of termination or expiration, including all Unpaid Contributor Funds existing as of such date (“Reconciled Termination Sum”).  Based upon the Agreed Reconciliation Statement for such period, such amount shall be paid to the appropriate Party on such effective date in accordance with the Distribution Waterfall from funds (if any) remaining in the NU Account.  However, if New University has delivered to Contributor on the effective date of termination or expiration either an Early Termination Note or Post-Initial Term Note, as applicable, pursuant to the terms of this Article (whether on account of termination or Buyout), then no Reconciled Termination Sum is owed by New University to Contributor.  For the avoidance of doubt, and subject to New University’s obligation to pay the agreed measure of damages in the event of a termination pursuant to Section 14.5(b) (which damages shall include any unreimbursed costs and fees of Contributor described in this Section below), if there is a deficiency in the NU Account following a termination or expiration that does not involve the delivery of a Note, New University shall have no obligation to pay Contributor any amounts that have accumulated in any deferred account maintained to record New University working capital balances, unreimbursed Unpaid Contributor Funds and/or Contributor Fees that have accrued but not been paid in accordance with the Distribution Waterfall.

14.7     Teach-Out Period.

(a)            Establishment of Teach-Out Period.  If New University elects to both:  (i) terminate or not renew this Agreement and (ii) close or shut down its ED Institution, assets and operations (collectively, a “Closure”), then, provided that New University has not exercised the Buyout Option, the Parties will continue to operate as contemplated under this Agreement until such time as all students enrolled, as of the date such expiration or termination is effective, as the case may be, in any Academic Program have either graduated or withdrawn from the Academic Program (the “Teach-Out Period”).

(b)            Operations During Teach-Out Period.  During the Teach-Out Period, the Parties shall continue to operate under this Agreement as if the term of the Teach-Out Period were part of the Term and shall comply with all provisions of this Agreement, except that, to the extent of any inconsistency between the terms of this Agreement and the remaining provisions of this Section 14.7, the terms of this Section 14.7 shall control.

(c)            Closure Budget; Closure Reserve.  New University shall notify Contributor of its election of Closure no later than the date upon which Contributor receives notice of termination or non-renewal of this Agreement.  Promptly following notice to Contributor of such Closure decision, the Parties, acting through the Advisory Committee, shall meet and collaborate in good faith:  (i) to develop a Closure Budget and (ii) to establish a Closure reserve within the NU Account to cover the estimated Wind-Down Costs reflected in the Closure Budget (“Closure Reserve”).  The term “Closure Budget” shall mean a budget mutually approved by the Parties, prepared (and updated as necessary during the Teach-Out Period) by the Parties in good faith, reflecting reasonably anticipated Revenue of New University during the Teach-Out Period and reasonably anticipated Wind-Down Costs which New University is expected to incur (regardless of when payable) from the commencement of the Teach-Out Period through the date of Closure (“Closure Period”).  The term “Wind-Down Costs” shall mean the estimated reasonable