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Investor Relations

SEC Filings

GRAHAM HOLDINGS CO filed this Form 8-K on 04/27/2017
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Academic Programs offered by New University, neither Purdue nor any of its Affiliates shall offer such online or hybrid online/ground course or program in substantially the same manner, targeting the same student profile and using substantially the same content for at least three (3) years following such discontinuance.

(b)            New Online Institution.  During the Term, none of Purdue, KHE, ICA nor any of their respective Affiliates shall create a new U.S degree-granting online institution designed specifically to serve non-traditional students, except with the written consent of the other Parties hereto; provided that nothing herein shall prevent Purdue from offering its programs online or engaging an online program management provider to assist them in doing so.

(c)            Non-Solicitation; Non-Hire.  During the Term, and for one (1) year following expiration or termination of this Agreement, (i) without the approval of a Party (“Employer Party”), the other Party will not, directly or indirectly, solicit for employment any directors, officers, management level employees, or other employees of the Employer Party (collectively “Employee Group”); and (ii) will not hire any member of the other Party’s Employee Group who serves as a director or management level employee or who interfaces with the other Party under this Agreement or possesses specialized skill or know-how required by the Employer Party to operate its business, whether in connection with this Agreement or otherwise, without first notifying, consulting with and receiving, prior approval from, the other Party.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, the consideration of persons responding to classified advertisements in newspapers, periodicals, Internet bulletin boards, or other publications (print or electronic) of general availability or circulation shall not be deemed a breach of the prohibition on solicitation under this Section, unless the advertisement and solicitation is undertaken as a means to circumvent or conceal a violation of this provision; but in no event shall the other Party be permitted to hire any member of such Party’s Employee Group except as authorized by this Section.  If New University exercises the Buyout Option, the restriction on solicitation under this Section shall cease to apply to Exclusive Employees once they have been mutually identified by the Parties following New University’s delivery of the related Buyout Notice, and the restriction on hiring shall cease to apply upon consummation of the Buyout in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

13.2     Transfer of Revenue Generating Assets

The assumptions and expectations which the Parties made in entering into this Agreement included, among other things, the continued operation and growth of New University’s ED Institution and Academic Programs.  Accordingly, without limiting Section 13.1(b), during the Term, any sales, assignments, licenses or other transfers (whether by merger, consolidation, sale of equity, sale of assets, joint venture or otherwise), of any Revenue generating assets or Academic Programs by New University (collectively, a “Transfer”), shall be made on an arm’s length basis in exchange for cash consideration, payable at the consummation of the Transfer, representing the fair market value of such transferred assets or Academic Programs.  New University shall pay to Contributor (without regard to any of the priorities set forth in Exhibit F), at the closing of any such Transfer, an amount in cash equal to (i) the Fee Based Product if such Transfer has not resulted in the Material Sales Threshold being exceeded or such Transfer occurs after the Initial Term, or (ii) the Revenue Based Product for all other Transfers.

For purposes hereof:

(a)            Material Sales Threshold” means an amount of Revenue associated with the assets or Academic Programs transferred in a Transfer that, when aggregated with the Revenue associated with the assets or Academic Programs transferred in all prior Transfers during the Term, represents twenty percent (20%) of New University’s Revenues, with the latter such Revenues for this purpose being equal to:  (i) Revenues earned during the twelve (12) month period prior to the month in which New University provides Contributor with notice of Transfer as required below, plus (ii) the Revenue associated with the assets or Academic Programs transferred in all prior Transfers;