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Investor Relations

SEC Filings

GRAHAM HOLDINGS CO filed this Form 8-K on 04/27/2017
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basis, New University shall consider the need to, and as appropriate, revise forecasted Revenues based upon historical performance and applicable trends and/or upon recommendation of the Advisory Committee.

(c)            Budget Approval.  The Advisory Committee shall work in good faith to recommend an annual New University Budget to the New University Board of Trustees at least six weeks prior to end of each Fiscal Year.  Until the Advisory Committee recommends, and the New University Board of Trustees approves, the Annual New University Budget for a new Fiscal Year, New University shall operate pursuant to the New University Budget for the Fiscal Year just-ended.  New University shall provide to the members of the Advisory Committee the Annual New University Budget within three days after the New University Board of Trustees’ approval of the Annual New University Budget.  If the approved New University Budget differs in any material way from the New University Budget recommended by the Advisory Committee, the New University Board of Trustees shall explain in writing within three-days from the date of approval the reasons for the difference(s) and why its determination deviated from the Advisory Committee recommendation.

4.2         Line Items.

Each New University Budget recommended by the Advisory Committee and/or approved by the Board of Trustees shall include at least the following line items:

(a)            projected Revenue, on a line item basis;

(b)            projected student enrollment numbers for the Academic Programs and any other additional data reasonably necessary for budgetary planning purposes;

(c)            costs related to completion and implementation of the Marketing Plan, and creation of marketing materials and other New University brand promotion;

(d)            costs incurred by New University in performing its obligations hereunder in the line item categories set forth on Exhibit E-1 (New University Academic Cost Line Items);

(e)            costs incurred by Contributor in connection performing its obligations hereunder in the line item categories set forth on Exhibit E-2 (Contributor Support Cost Line Items);

(f)               lease payments and license payments;

(g)            capital expenditure amounts;

(h)            maintenance and purchase requirements for technology;

(i)              costs for fees of attorneys, accountants, consultants and advisors engaged by the Advisory Committee or either Party in connection with the functions performed under this Agreement; and

(j)              other items reasonably requested by either Party, and agreed upon by the Parties;

provided that, in no event shall costs include Losses arising from or related to a Party’s failure to comply with applicable Law, including Educational Law, or Educational Approvals.

5.            Marketing Plan.

The Parties shall develop and finalize an initial Marketing Plan no later than ten (10) days after the Effective Date.  Thereafter, the Parties shall consult with each other on an annual basis or more frequently as the Parties may agree, to develop a Marketing Plan for upcoming periods, or to modify the then existing Marketing Plan.  The Parties shall use commercially reasonable efforts to conduct the activities set forth in the Marketing Plan, and shall operate within the constraints of the marketing budget