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Investor Relations

SEC Filings

GRAHAM HOLDINGS CO filed this Form 8-K on 04/27/2017
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(a)            Excused Performance.  The Parties agree that a Party (such Party, the “non-performing Party”) shall not have liability for any failure to perform, or for the late performance of, any such non-performing Party’s obligation to the extent:  (i) such non-performing Party’s non-performance is caused, directly or indirectly, by the failure of the other Party, or any of their respective Affiliates or third party providers, to perform its obligations under this Agreement; (ii) such non-performing Party’s obligations require possession of or Access to personnel or data, information or other materials possessed, prepared or generated or otherwise accessible by, the other Party (or its Affiliates or third party providers), or otherwise, and such other Party has failed to provide or grant Access to the same or to cause the same to be timely provided or Access to be given to the non-performing Party in accordance this Agreement or otherwise upon the non-performing Party’s reasonable written or oral requests; or (iii) the other Party interferes with the non-performing Party’s performance of its obligations under this Agreement.

(b)            Force Majeure.  Neither Party shall be liable, or in breach of this Agreement, for any delay or failure to perform under this Agreement, including, in the case of Contributor, any interruption of the provision of Support Functions, to the extent such interruption, delay or failure results from causes beyond that Party’s reasonable control (other than financial inability in and of itself), including as a result of strikes, lock-outs or other labor difficulties; riot, insurrection, acts of terrorism or other hostilities; embargo, fuel or energy shortage; fire, flood, acts of God, wrecks or transportation delays; or the inability to obtain necessary labor, materials or utilities from usual sources.  In such event, the Party suffering the force majeure event shall promptly notify the other Party in writing and use commercially reasonable efforts to resume performance.  The obligations of the Party subject to the force majeure event shall be postponed for such time as its performance is suspended or delayed on account thereof.  Upon the cessation of the force majeure event, each Party will use commercially reasonable efforts to resume its performance with the least possible delay.

2.8          Reports.

Each Party will produce (“Reporting Party”) and provide to the other Party such reports as are agreed by the Parties, or that are required by applicable Law, in the form and timeframe, and using the delivery method, agreed by the Parties, including the Financial Reports (collectively, the “Reports”).  Disputes regarding the matters addressed in the Financial Reports will be addressed pursuant to Section 10.2(d) (Examination Notice; Disputes) and Section 10.2(e) (Resolution), and disputes regarding the matters addressed in the Reports other financial Reports (if any) will be addressed pursuant to Section 16.1 (Management Escalation).

2.9         Access.

Each Party shall provide the other Party with reasonable and necessary Access, as necessary for such other Party to perform its obligations under the Agreement.  In furtherance of the foregoing, and subject to Contributor’s compliance with the terms of this Agreement, New University shall provide Contributor with immediate and ongoing Access to the Campuses and to New University’s systems as necessary to facilitate the performance of the Support Functions.

3.            Coordination of Functions.

3.1         Advisory Activities - Cooperation.

The Parties agree to cooperate and perform all functions contemplated in this Agreement in good faith and in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.  Without limiting the foregoing, the Parties agree that the economic terms of this Agreement and Contributor’s willingness to