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Investor Relations

SEC Filings

GRAHAM HOLDINGS CO filed this Form 8-K on 04/27/2017
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(i)              Finance and Accounting.

(i)            Timely and accurate payroll processing and support to employees and adjunct faculty.  Timely accounts payable processing and payments.

(ii)           Month-end close of accounts and records within agreed-upon timeframe.

(iii)         Generation of monthly and periodic financial statements.

(iv)          Analytical review of monthly results.

(v)           Oversee internal audit compliance function and prepare monthly reporting to New University executive team.

(vi)          Develop/generate weekly and monthly financial forecasts.

(vii)        Provide financial analysis support to New University.

(viii)      Support New University in the development of the New University Budget and long-term financial planning.

(j)              General Administrative Support Functions.

(i)            All general administrative Support Functions will be provided in accordance with applicable Law.

(ii)           Internal and external communication Support Functions will be provided in a manner consistent with the style and messaging as agreed by the Parties.

(iii)        Other administrative Support Functions will be delivered in an agreed-to timeframe and within the guidelines as determined by the Parties, including assistance in procuring and maintaining Educational Approvals, if requested by New University pursuant to Section 2.2(j) above.

2.6         Root Cause Analysis

(i)            If Contributor does not provide the Support Functions in accordance with the applicable Service Levels, Contributor shall, after using commercially reasonable efforts to restore the Support Function or otherwise resolve any immediate problem, and unless New University agrees in writing to waive the Contributor obligations set forth in this Section:  (a) promptly investigate and report on the causes of the problem; (b) provide a Root Cause Analysis of such failure within the number of days designated in the applicable Service Level; (c) use commercially reasonable efforts to implement remedial action and begin meeting the Service Level as soon as practicable, but in any event within the target resolution times designated in the applicable Service Level if Root Cause Analysis has indicated the problem is the fault, or otherwise under the control, of Contributor; (d) advise New University of the status of remedial efforts being undertaken with respect to such problem; and (e) demonstrate that Contributor has a solution or work-around that corrects the causes of such problem and that allows Contributor to provide the Support Functions in accordance with the applicable Service Levels.  Nothing in this Section 2.6 shall limit New University’s rights under this Agreement based upon a Critical Service Level Failure.  “Root Cause Analysis” means the formal process to be used by Contributor to diagnose problems at the lowest reasonable level so that corrective action can be taken that will eliminate repeat failures.

2.7         Excused Performance; Force Majeure