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Investor Relations

SEC Filings

GRAHAM HOLDINGS CO filed this Form 8-K on 04/27/2017
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(v)           Seek improvement in the NPS.

(e)            Business Office.

(i)        Calculations relating to the student ledgers (including tuition billing; drop and refund calculations; stipends; scholarships and discounts) must be performed in a timely and accurate manner in accordance with generally accepted guidelines.

(ii)           Internal activities such as cash applications; and credit balance processing shall be performed in a timely and accurate manner in keeping with internal practices.

(iii)         Satisfactory internal audit compliance score.

(iv)          Processes must be in accordance with applicable Law, including Educational Law.

(f)              Technology Support.

(i)            Timely delivery of technology services that meet the specifications agreed by the Parties.

(ii)          Regular and periodic meetings to review status of outstanding projects.

(iii)         Support Functions delivered within agreed-upon budgetary requirements.

(iv)          Maintaining relationships with technology vendors and holding same accountable for agreed-upon technology services.

(v)            Maintaining up-time system availability for both outward and inward facing technology consistent with industry standards.

(g)            Human Resources.

(i)            Employee engagement (measured annually by institution-wide survey).

(ii)          Staff retention.

(iii)         Time to fill open positions.

(iv)         Utilization of employee LMS.

(v)           Successful outcome of employment litigation and charges.

(h)            Facilities and Property Management.

(i)            Periodic and routine maintenance of the facilities and other maintenance services as are commonly provided, or as generally accepted, in the operations of similar facilities and property under similar circumstances.

(ii)          Facilities with be maintained commensurate with standards of safety, performance, dependability, efficiency, and economy, and in accordance with generally accepted standards of professional care under similar circumstances.

(iii)         Provide services related to the expansion, contraction and re-configuration of existing and future sites.