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Investor Relations

SEC Filings

GRAHAM HOLDINGS CO filed this Form 8-K on 04/27/2017
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(l)              General Administrative Functions.  Contributor will provide to New University Support Functions related to general administrative functions comprised of:

(i)            Communications:  Contributor will work with New University’s communications team to, as reasonably requested, provide professional communications services for consistent New University messaging internally and externally.

(ii)           Default Management:  Contributor will provide debt management services on behalf of New University to current and former New University students to assist in the management of debt load.

(iii)         Training:  Contributor will provide centralized training services to New University employees as requested and defined by New University.

(iv)          Advanced Analytics:  Contributor will provide certain data analytics support to New University.

(v)           Operations Support and Project Management:  Contributor will provide project management support to New University as reasonably requested.

(vi)         Compliance.  Upon request, provide compliance audit services, and will provide assistance to New University in connection with New University’s procurement and maintenance of Educational Approvals, or procure on behalf of New University such Educational Approvals.  Subject to Section 6.2(a) (Compliance with Law), maintain processes and procedures designed to ensure compliance with Law applicable to Contributor’s obligations under the Agreement, including the Support Functions.

The obligations of Contributor under Section 2.4(e) and Section 2.4(f) shall continue only so long as Contributor or any of its Affiliates own such businesses.

2.5         Support Function Standards.

Subject to Section 2.7 (Excused Performance; Force Majeure), Contributor will deliver the Support Functions, in accordance with the Service Levels.  “Service Levels” means the service levels and standards for the performance of the Support Functions in the categories set forth in Sections 2.5(a) through (j), which levels and services are agreed upon by New University and Contributor in writing annually in connection with the development of, and conditioned upon the adoption of, a mutually approved Annual New University Budget.  New University and Contributor agree that such Service Levels (including the budgeted line items reflecting Support Costs to deliver such Service Levels) shall substantially represent, and be consistent in all material respects with, the manner in which Contributor and its Affiliates have performed Support Functions for Kaplan University prior to the Effective Date.  If Contributor and New University do not agree on the line items costs in the Annual New University Budget that relate to Support Costs to deliver Service Levels, New University and Contributor shall revise the Service Levels to conform with the line item costs so approved.  To the extent Contributor’s collective ongoing failure to meet Service Levels directly causes a material adverse effect on the operations and results of New University taken as a whole (“Critical Service Level Failure”), then such Critical Service Level Failure, and no other Service Level failure or failures, may be a material breach under this Agreement under Section 14.5(c) (Termination for Contributor Material Breach).

(a)            Editorial Support Functions, Marketing and Advertising.

(i)            Requests for editorial services or for legal, regulatory and compliance services shall be completed in a number of Business Days as agreed by the Parties from time-to-time.  Such completion times will take into consideration the nature of the item for review and the volume of items in the queue.