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Investor Relations

SEC Filings

GRAHAM HOLDINGS CO filed this Form 8-K on 04/27/2017
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(f)             Test Preparation.  Contributor provides test preparation services to students in certain programs that lead to standardized licensure or admission tests, using proprietary materials and approaches developed within Contributor and its Affiliated companies.  Contributor will continue to provide such services for New University.  Contributor (or its Affiliate(s)) will provide, at New University’s election and on terms the Parties agree to from time to time, additional test preparation for college and professional services to students and graduates of New University

(g)            Business Office.  Contributor will perform Support Functions related to Business Office functions consisting of:  (i) billing of tuition and fees to the student ledgers; (ii) calculation and application of drop and refund amounts to be applied to student ledgers; (iii) stipend and credit balance processing and payments; (iv) processing of write offs; (v) application of scholarship and discounts; and (vi) daily cash application of receipts to student ledgers.

(h)            Technology Support.  Contributor will provide the Contributor Platform to host New University’s online course offerings, and provide access to the Contributor Platform(s) that support the student experience and Academic Functions of New University, including learning management, content management, student management, and financial aid processing.  The Contributor Platforms are proprietary or may be hosted by a third party.  In addition, support related to the Contributor Platforms, including IT “help desk”, will be provided, comprised of the technology, hardware and support functions relating to the hardware infrastructure, computer systems, software systems, telecommunications systems, internet and other technology necessary for the operation of the academic institution of New University.

(i)              Human Resources.  Contributor will provide to New University certain Support Functions related to human resources functions.  Contributor’s human resources department provides human resource management by developing policies, programs and services that are designed to contribute to the attainment of New University institutional and employee goals.  Specifically for New University, the Human Resources department will work toward the goals of engagement by faculty, staff and administration in their work.  Specific areas of responsibility are set forth on Exhibit C.

(j)              Facilities and Property Management. Contributor will deliver certain property management and Support Functions related to facilities where New University operates.

(k)            Finance and Accounting.  Contributor will deliver certain Support Functions related to finance and accounting functions, comprised of month end closing of accounts, assistance in the preparation of New University Budgets, and financial reporting, to support New University in maintaining accurate and compliant financial reporting and internal mechanisms to assist in maintaining the financial health of the institution.

(i)            Account Management:  Contributor will assist New University in managing the NU Account, including calculations and processing of any set off, credit, and payments to or from New University or Contributor under this Agreement, and preparation of Reconciliation Statements.

(ii)            No Practice of Accountancy:  In no event shall the Support Functions include, or the Agreement be construed as requiring that Contributor:  (1) perform any services reserved to a licensed or certified public accountant pursuant to the Law of any applicable jurisdiction (“Accountancy”), or (ii) provide, or be deemed or construed to have provided, any Attestation or Opinion in connection with the Support Functions or with respect to any financial statements or disclosures made by New University or any of its Affiliates.  “Opinion” means a statement or other form of language on a financial statement or report that purports to be expressed in accordance with any AICPA standards, as to the fairness of presentation of certain information that is used for guidance in financial transactions, for accounting, for assessing the status of the performance of an enterprise, or as to the reliability of any financial statements or information.