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SEC Filings

GRAHAM HOLDINGS CO filed this Form 8-K on 04/27/2017
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(k)             Office of the Chancellor.  Establish and maintain an Office of Chancellor of New University, which includes the Chief Academic Officer, VP of Finance, and an academic operations management team.

(l)              Compliance.  Subject to Section 6.2(a) (Compliance with Law), maintaining processes and procedures designed to ensure compliance with Laws applicable to New University’s businesses, including the Academic Programs, including Department of Education and state agency regulations and accreditation and programmatic accreditation requirements.

2.3         New University Operating Policies.

New University shall perform its Academic Functions in accordance with applicable Laws and Educational Approvals.  The New University Board of Trustees has also adopted the Key Academic and Operating Policy Guide, attached as Exhibit B, under which New University operates (the “NU Policy Guide”).  New University promptly shall provide the Advisory Committee with copies of each amendment to the NU Policy Guide.

2.4        Contributor’s Support Functions.

During the Term, Contributor will perform, on behalf of New University, and subject to the ultimate control of New University and its Board of Trustees, the following support functions (collectively referred to as the “Support Functions”), which functions are critical to the performance of the Academic Functions by New University and will be subject to oversight by the New University Board of Trustees.

(a)            Editorial Services, Marketing and Advertising.  Contributor will perform Support Functions relating to the marketing of Academic Programs to the general public and the identification, application and enrollment of qualified students, as such Support Functions are further described on Exhibit C.

(b)            Front-End Student Advising.  During the student’s first academic year, Contributor will provide educational student services, student advisement and retention services and student completion, satisfaction and monitoring services, such as answering questions, resolving issues, providing advice and monitoring and supporting the progression of students towards degree completion and graduation.

(c)            Admissions Support Services.  All student admissions decisions and policies shall be made by New University, with Contributor providing admissions Support Functions, described in more detail on Exhibit C, in each case, pursuant to New University’s codes of conduct and other policies (delivered to Contributor in writing).

(d)            Financial Aid and Student Finance.  The Financial Aid team provides services and administration related to the qualification of New University students for, and distribution to New University students of, federal financial aid under the Title IV Program, including maintenance of New University’s eligibility to participate in the Title IV Program.  Contributor also shall provide services and administration related to student and New University qualification and access to any other federal aid programs run through the Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs, or any other federal department or agency, state run financial aid or loan programs, third party financial aid or loan programs, or scholarship programs provided by New University.  Specific areas of responsibility are set forth on Exhibit C.

(e)            International Student Recruitment.  Contributor has a team of marketing, admissions and operations personnel dedicated to the recruitment of and provision of support services to international students, and will continue to provide such services to New University.  Contributor will provide, at New University’s election and on terms the Parties agree from time-to-time, additional international student recruitment efforts by leveraging the international student recruiting network and capabilities of its Affiliated companies to endeavor to attract additional international students to New University in the U.S. and abroad.