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GRAHAM HOLDINGS CO filed this Form 8-K on 04/27/2017
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(f)            Faculty and Faculty Support.  Final hiring and management of full-time and part-time faculty.  Creating, maintaining and implementing standards for the appointment, supervision and evaluation of faculty and other instructional staff for the Academic Programs (“HR Evaluation Standards”), and the supervision and management of such faculty, staff and personnel.  Operating the Center for Teaching and Learning, which provides a comprehensive array of opportunities to enhance expertise in teaching adult learning and innovation, including a required orientation, live events, professional development workshops and an annual conference.

(g)            Student Support Services.  Management of all general administrative and operational services related to the Academic Programs, including the following:

(i)            Library.  Maintaining extensive online collection, including the ability to open and search the full text of thousands of subscribe journals and magazines relevant to degree programs as well as numerous e-book titles, newspapers, reports and other publications, completely integrated into the curriculum and accessible from each classroom and including a web-scale search engine allowing users to search library materials through a single point.  Management of professional library staff to answer reference and research questions by e-mail, instant message and telephone.

(ii)            Academic Success Centers.  Oversight of personalized academic support for increased student success and engagement in business, math, science, technology and writing as well as recorded webinars, video tutorials, interactive quizzes, and downloadable resources as well as synchronous workshops and seminars each month.

(iii)            Educational Advising.  Following a student’s first academic year, provision of educational student services, student advisement and retention services and student completion, satisfaction and monitoring services.

(iv)            Center for Disability Services.  Maintaining a comprehensive array of services to support disabled students including a Student Assistance Program for all students experiencing such life challenges.

(v)            Student and Alumni Clubs and Organizations.  Overseeing and supporting honor societies, clubs, and professional groups.

(h)            Degree Granting.  Establishment of procedures and requirements for the awarding of academic degrees and other credentials to students enrolled in the Academic Programs, and awarding, in accordance with such procedures, all academic degrees and other credentials to such students who have qualified to receive them.

(i)            Career Services.  Operation and oversight of career support services, programs and activities, including identification of employment opportunities, the CareerNetwork (a comprehensive resource providing 24/7 support for job seekers and answers to career-related questions, a real-time customized job feed based on program of study and geographic area, resume-building tools, and social media profile review), employer spotlights, and individualized support for interviewing confidently.

(j)            Educational Approvals.  Procurement and maintenance of all necessary Educational Approvals for the Academic Programs and the locations at which such programs are offered, including state agency approvals, regional accreditation, and programmatic accreditation.  To the extent applicable, coordinating accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission through 2025-2026 on an open pathway and programmatic accreditation and affiliation from organizations such as ACBSP, MAERB, CODA, CCNE, GAC/PMI, IFSAC, NASAC, SHRM, and NAADAC; provided however, New University may elect, as part of the Support Functions performed by Contributor under this Agreement, to seek assistance from Contributor for such procurement and maintenance of these Educational Approvals.