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GRAHAM HOLDINGS CO filed this Form 8-K on 04/27/2017
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any such amount because of application of the Basket, or because such Third-Party Claim constitutes a De Minimis Claim, then the Purdue Parties shall, promptly following Contributor’s written request therefore, reimburse Contributor:  (y) in the case of Section 10.4(f)(i), for all such amounts paid by Contributor in connection with such Third-Party Claim, including any costs or expenses in defending such Third-Party Claim, or (z) in the case of Section 10.4(f)(ii), up to the amount of the Basket or such De Minimis Claim for any amounts paid by Contributor in connection with such Third-Party Claim, including costs or expenses, for which Contributor is not responsible because of the application of the Basket or because such Third-Party Claim is a De Minimis Claim.
10.5        Indemnification Procedures.
(a)            In order for an Indemnified Person to be entitled to any indemnification provided for under this Agreement in respect of, arising out of or involving a claim made by any third party against the Indemnified Person (a “Third-Party Claim”), such Indemnified Person must provide the Indemnifying Person with a Claim Notice regarding the Third-Party Claim promptly and in any event within thirty (30) days after (i) receipt by such Indemnified Person of written notice of the Third-Party Claim, or (ii) such Indemnified Person becoming aware of any Loss for which such Indemnified Person may be indemnified under this Article 10, and describing in such notice the subject matter of such claim or demand; provided, however, that failure to give, or any delay in giving, such notification shall not release the Indemnifying Person from (or otherwise affect) any of its obligations under this Article 10 except to the extent the Indemnifying Person shall have been actually prejudiced as a result of such failure or delay, it being agreed, however, that all indemnification claims must be delivered prior to the expiration of the applicable Survival Date, if any.  Such written notice shall set forth (i) the facts and circumstances giving rise to such claim for indemnification, including copies of all material written evidence thereof, (ii) the nature of the Losses suffered or incurred, (iii) a reference to the provisions of this Agreement in respect of which such Losses have been suffered or incurred and (iv) the amount of Losses actually suffered or incurred.  Thereafter, the Indemnified Person shall deliver to the Indemnifying Person, promptly after the Indemnified Person’s receipt thereof, copies of all notices and documents (including court papers) received by the Indemnified Person relating to the Third-Party Claim.
(b)            If a Third-Party Claim is made against an Indemnified Person, the Indemnifying Person will be entitled to participate in the defense thereof and, if it so chooses, to assume the defense thereof with counsel selected by the Indemnifying Person reasonably acceptable to the Indemnified Person.  If the Third-Party Claim includes allegations for which the Indemnifying Person both would and would not be obligated to indemnify the Indemnified Person, the Indemnifying Person and the Indemnified Person shall in that case jointly assume the defense thereof.  Should the Indemnifying Person so elect to assume the defense of a Third-Party Claim, the Indemnifying Person will not be liable to the Indemnified Person for legal fees and expenses subsequently incurred by the Indemnified Person in connection with the defense thereof.  If the Indemnifying Person assumes such defense, the Indemnified Person shall have the right to participate in the defense thereof and, at its own expense, to employ counsel reasonably acceptable to the Indemnifying Person, separate from the counsel employed by the Indemnifying Person, it being understood that the Indemnifying Person shall control such defense.  The Indemnifying Person shall be liable for the fees and expenses of counsel employed by the Indemnified Person for any period during which the Indemnifying Person has not assumed the defense thereof.  If the Indemnifying Person chooses to defend or prosecute any Third-Party Claim, all Parties shall cooperate in the defense or prosecution thereof.  Such cooperation shall include the retention and (upon the Indemnifying Person’s request) the provision to the Indemnifying Person of records and information which are reasonably relevant to such Third-Party Claim, and making members, officers, directors, employees and agents of the Indemnified Person available on a mutually convenient basis to provide information, testimony at depositions, hearings or trials, and such other assistance as may be reasonably requested by the Indemnifying Person.