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GRAHAM HOLDINGS CO filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/23/2017
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  (b) Discretionary Reduction

Unless otherwise specified in the agreement evidencing the grant of an Incentive Award that is intended to qualify as Performance Based Compensation, the Committee may, in its discretion, reduce or eliminate the amount payable to any Participant with respect to the Incentive Award, based on such factors as the Committee may deem relevant, but the Committee may not increase any such amount above the amount established in accordance with the relevant Performance Schedule. For purposes of clarity, the Committee may exercise the discretion provided for by the foregoing sentence in a non-uniform manner among Participants.


  (c) Performance Measures

The performance goals upon which the payment or vesting of any Incentive Award (other than Options and stock appreciation rights) that is intended to qualify as Performance-Based Compensation depends shall relate to one or more of the following Performance Measures: market price of Common Stock, earnings per share of Common Stock, net income or profit (before or after taxes), return on stockholder equity, cash flow, return on assets, earnings before interest and taxes, earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, earnings from continuing operations, sales or revenues, capital or investment, market share, cost reduction goals, budget comparisons, implementation or completion of specified projects or processes, the formation of joint ventures, research or development collaborations, or the completion of other transactions, any other measure of financial performance that can be determined pursuant to U.S. generally accepted accounting principles, or any combination of any of the foregoing.

A Performance Measure (i) may relate to the performance of the Participant, GHC, a Subsidiary, any business group, any business unit or other subdivision of the Company, or any combination of the foregoing, as the Committee deems appropriate and (ii) may be expressed as an amount, as an increase or decrease over a specified period, as a relative comparison to the performance of a group of comparator companies or a published or special index, or any other external measure of the selected performance criteria, as the Committee deems appropriate. The measurement of any Performance Measure may exclude the impact of charges for restructurings, discontinued operations, extraordinary items, and other unusual or non-recurring items, and the cumulative effects of accounting changes, each as defined by generally accepted accounting principles and as identified in the Company’s audited financial statements, including the notes thereto.


  (d) Performance Schedules

Within 90 days after the beginning of a Performance Period, and in any case before 25% of the Performance Period has elapsed, the Committee shall establish (a) Performance Targets for such Performance Period, (b) Target Awards for each Participant, and (c) Performance Schedules for such Performance Period.


  (e) Termination of Employment

The consequences with respect to a Performance-Based Award of the termination of employment of the Participant holding the Performance-Based Award shall be determined by the Committee in its sole discretion and set forth in the applicable Award Agreement, it being intended that no agreement providing for a payment to a Participant upon termination of employment without cause shall be given effect to the extent that it would cause an Incentive Award that was intended to qualify as a Performance-Based Award to fail to so qualify.


  (f) Committee Discretion

Nothing in this Section 9 is intended to limit the Committee’s discretion to adopt conditions with respect to any Incentive Award that is not intended to qualify as Performance-Based Compensation. In addition, the Committee may, subject to the terms of the Plan, amend previously granted Incentive Awards in a way that disqualifies them as Performance-Based Compensation.