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Investor Relations

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GRAHAM HOLDINGS CO filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/23/2017
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6. Options

The Committee may from time to time grant Options, subject to the following terms and conditions:


  (a) Exercise Price

The exercise price per share of Common Stock covered by any Option shall be not less than 100% of the Fair Market Value of a share of Common Stock on the date on which such Option is granted.


  (b) Term and Exercise of Options

(1) Each Option shall become vested and exercisable on such date or dates, during such period and for such number of shares of Common Stock as shall be determined by the Committee on or after the date such Option is granted; provided, however that no Option shall be exercisable after the expiration of ten years from the date such Option is granted; and, provided, further, that each Option shall be subject to earlier termination, expiration or cancellation as provided in the Plan or in the agreement evidencing such Option.

(2) Each Option may be exercised in whole or in part; provided, however that no partial exercise of an Option shall be for an aggregate exercise price of less than $1,000. The partial exercise of an Option shall not cause the expiration, termination or cancellation of the remaining portion thereof.

(3) An Option shall be exercised by such methods and procedures as the Committee determines from time to time, including without limitation through net physical settlement or other method of cashless exercise.

(4) Options may not be sold, pledged, assigned, hypothecated, transferred, or disposed of in any manner other than by will or by the laws of descent or distribution and may be exercised, during the lifetime of a Participant, only by the Participant; provided, however that the Committee may permit in its discretion Options to be sold, pledged, assigned, hypothecated, transferred, or disposed of, on a general or specific basis, subject to such conditions and limitations as the Committee may determine.


  (c) Effect of Termination of Employment or Other Relationship

The agreement evidencing the award of each Option shall specify the consequences with respect to such Option of the termination of the employment or other service between the Company and the Participant holding the Option.


7. Other Stock-Based Awards

The Committee may grant equity-based or equity-related awards not otherwise described herein in such amounts and subject to such terms and conditions as the Committee shall determine. Without limiting the generality of the preceding sentence, each such Other Stock-Based Award may (i) involve the transfer of actual shares of Common Stock to Participants, either at the time of grant or thereafter, or payment in cash or otherwise of amounts based on the value of shares of Common Stock, (ii) be subject to performance-based and/or service-based conditions, (iii) be in the form of stock appreciation rights, phantom stock, restricted stock, restricted stock units, performance shares, deferred share units or share-denominated performance units, (iv) be designed to comply with applicable laws of jurisdictions other than the United States and (v) be designed to qualify as Performance-Based Compensation; provided, that each Other Stock-Based Award shall be denominated in, or shall have a value determined by reference to, a number of shares of Common Stock that is specified at the time of the grant of such award.


8. Cash Incentive Awards

The Committee may grant Cash Incentive Awards with respect to any Performance Period, subject to the terms and conditions of the Plan. Cash Incentive Awards may be settled in cash or in other property, including shares of Common Stock, provided that the term “Cash Incentive Award” shall exclude any Stock Incentive Award. Cash Incentive Awards may be designed to qualify as Performance-Based Compensation.


9. Performance-Based Compensation

(a) Calculation The amount payable with respect to an Incentive Award that is intended to qualify as Performance-Based Compensation shall be determined in any manner permitted by Section 162(m) of the Code.