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GRAHAM HOLDINGS CO filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/23/2017
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means the amount of cash, or value of other property, required to be paid based on the achievement of applicable Performance Measures during a Performance Period that ends in a calendar year, disregarding any deferral pursuant to the terms of a Deferred Compensation Plan unless the terms of the deferral are intended to comply with the requirements for performance-based compensation under Section 162(m) of the Code.


4. Administration of the Plan

The Plan shall be administered by a Committee of the Board of Directors consisting of two or more persons, each of whom qualifies as a “non-employee director” (within the meaning of Rule 16b-3 promulgated under Section 16 of the Exchange Act), an “outside director” within the meaning of Treasury Regulation Section 1.162-27(e)(3) and as “independent” within the meaning of any applicable stock exchange listing rules or similar regulatory authority. The Committee shall, consistent with the terms of the Plan, from time to time designate those employees and directors of the Company who shall be granted Incentive Awards under the Plan and the amount, type and other terms and conditions of such Incentive Awards. All of the powers and responsibilities of the Committee under the Plan may be delegated by the Committee to any subcommittee thereof. In addition, the Committee may from time to time authorize a subcommittee consisting of one or more members of the Board of Directors (including members who are employees of the Company) or employees of the Company to grant Incentive Awards, subject to such restrictions and limitation as the Committee may specify and to the requirements of Delaware General Corporation Law Section 157.

The Committee shall have full discretionary authority to administer the Plan, including discretionary authority to interpret and construe any and all provisions of the Plan and the terms of any Incentive Award (and any agreement evidencing any Incentive Award) granted thereunder and to adopt and amend from time to time such rules and regulations for the administration of the Plan as the Committee may deem necessary or appropriate. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Committee shall determine whether an authorized leave of absence, or absence in military or government service, shall constitute termination of employment. The employment of a Participant with the Company shall be deemed to have terminated for all purposes of the Plan if such Participant is employed by or provides services to a Person that is a Subsidiary of the Company and such Person ceases to be a Subsidiary of the Company, unless the Committee determines otherwise. A Participant who ceases to be an employee of the Company but continues, or simultaneously commences, services as a director of the Company shall not be deemed to have had a termination of employment for purposes of the Plan. Decisions of the Committee shall be final, binding and conclusive on all parties.

On or after the date of grant of an Incentive Award under the Plan, the Committee may (i) accelerate the date on which any such Incentive Award becomes vested, exercisable or transferable, as the case may be, (ii) extend the term of any such Incentive Award, including, without limitation, extending the period following a termination of a Participant’s employment during which any such Incentive Award may remain outstanding, (iii) waive any conditions to the vesting, exercisability or transferability, as the case may be, of any such Incentive Award or (iv) provide for the payment of dividends or dividend equivalents with respect to any such Incentive Award; provided, that the Committee shall not have any such authority to the extent that the grant of such authority would cause any tax to become due under Section 409A of the Code. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, the Company shall not reprice any stock option (within the meaning of Section 303A.08 of the New York Stock Exchange Listed Company Manual) without the approval of the shareholders of GHC.

The Company shall pay any amount payable with respect to an Incentive Award in accordance with the terms of such Incentive Award, provided that the Committee may, in its discretion, defer the payment of amounts payable with respect to an Incentive Award subject to and in accordance with the terms of a Deferred Compensation Plan.

No member of the Committee shall be liable for any action, omission, or determination relating to the Plan, and GHC shall indemnify and hold harmless each member of the Committee and each other director or employee of the Company to whom any duty or power relating to the administration or interpretation of the Plan has been delegated, against any cost or expense (including counsel fees) or liability (including any sum paid in settlement of a claim with the approval of the Committee) arising out of any action, omission or determination relating to the Plan, unless, in either case, such action, omission or determination was taken or made by such member, director or employee in bad faith and without reasonable belief that it was in the best interests of the Company.


5. Eligibility

The Persons who shall be eligible to receive Incentive Awards pursuant to the Plan shall be those employees and directors of the Company whom the Committee shall select from time to time. Each Incentive Award granted under the Plan shall be evidenced by an instrument in writing in form and substance approved by the Committee.