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Investor Relations

SEC Filings

GRAHAM HOLDINGS CO filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/23/2017
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The following table shows the number of Class B shares and Cable ONE shares acquired upon the exercise of stock options and the vesting of stock awards held by the named executive officers in fiscal year 2016 and the value realized upon such exercise or vesting.



Name (a)    Option Awards    Stock Awards

Number of
Shares Acquired
on Exercise (#)



Value Realized on
Exercise ($)



Number of
Shares Acquired on
Vesting (#)


   Value Realized
on Vesting ($)

Timothy J. O’Shaughnessy


Hal S. Jones


Andrew S. Rosen

         GHC 3,000

CABO 3,000



Wallace R. Cooney


Nicole M. Maddrey


Gerald M. Rosberg

   1,545    403,971    GHC 800

CABO 800




The Pension Benefits table includes information related to the Company’s funded and tax-qualified defined benefit plan, The Retirement Plan, as well as the associated unfunded and non-qualified supplemental executive retirement plan, the SERP, the Jones Individual Pension Arrangement and the Rosberg Individual Pension Arrangement. The Retirement Plan covers most employees of the Company and provides benefits that are based on formulas that take into account base salary and qualifying service. Such formulas are contained in individual affiliate benefits schedules, including the Graham Schedule, the Newsweek Schedule, the Kaplan Schedule and the Cash Balance Retirement Program (“CBRP”) and Secure Retirement Account (“SRA”) schedules. Benefits under The Retirement Plan become vested after three or five years of service, depending on which schedules cover the individual employee. All of the named executive officers (except Mr. O’Shaughnessy) are fully vested in their benefits under The Retirement Plan. The SERP provides supplemental defined benefit retirement benefits that are calculated based on the formulas in The Retirement Plan, but include bonuses under the 2012 ICP, rather than just base salary, without regard to (i) the salary limitation applicable to tax-qualified plans (currently $270,000) or (ii) the benefit limitation applicable to tax-qualified plans (currently $215,000 per year, commencing at age 65). The SERP provides benefits only to the extent that the benefit described above exceeds the benefit in The Retirement Plan. The SERP was modified in 2014 to provide that Mr. Rosen will be entitled to Rule of 90 benefits if his employment with the Company were to terminate for any reason prior to September 1, 2018.

Retirement Plan Benefits Under the Graham Schedule

Mr. Jones, Mr. Rosen, Mr. Cooney, Ms. Maddrey and Mr. Rosberg are participants in the Graham Schedule. Benefits payable under the Graham Schedule include the following, subject to the limitations on tax-qualified plans mentioned above:


    An annual pension (payable one-twelfth each month) equal to (a) 1.75% of the average annual salary for the 60-month period producing the highest average; multiplied by (b) years of credited service; reduced by (c) an offset to partially reflect Social Security benefits to the extent funded by the Company. The Social Security offset is calculated by multiplying “covered compensation” by the “offset percentage.” Covered compensation in this context is the average Social Security Taxable Wage Base over the 35-year period prior to the year in which a participant reaches Social Security retirement age. The offset percentage is a percentage ranging from 0.54% to 0.60% (depending on the year of the participant’s birth), multiplied by years of credited service (which was limited up to 30 years, until the plan was amended in 2011 to recognize credited service in excess of 30 years).


    An annual Cash Pension Supplement equal to $200 multiplied by years of credited service.


    A temporary pre-age 65 supplement of $250 per month payable until age 65 to employees retiring at or after age 55 with ten years of vesting service.

Vested benefits under The Retirement Plan are generally payable in the form of a single life annuity. In addition, several optional forms are available that continue benefits to the employee’s spouse or beneficiary, with the monthly benefit amount reduced so that the resulting pension is actuarially equivalent to the single life annuity. The Retirement Plan’s normal retirement age is 65. The Graham Schedule provides a reduced benefit beginning at age 55. The reduction is a percentage based