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Investor Relations

SEC Filings

GRAHAM HOLDINGS CO filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/23/2017
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The total 2016 compensation of non-employee Directors is shown on the following table:



Name   Fees Earned or
Paid in Cash ($)
  Change in Pension Value
and Nonqualified Deferred
Compensation Earnings ($)
  All Other
Compensation ($)
  Total ($)

Lee C. Bollinger

  $150,000       $150,000

Christopher C. Davis

  190,000       190,000

Barry Diller

  150,000       150,000

Thomas S. Gayner

  190,000       190,000

Anne M. Mulcahy

  170,000       170,000

Ronald L. Olson

  150,000       150,000

James H. Shelton (1)

  75,000       75,000

Larry D. Thompson

  150,000       150,000

G. Richard Wagoner, Jr.

  170,000     4,000 (2)   174,000

Katharine Weymouth

  150,000       150,000


  (1) Mr. Shelton resigned from the Board on May 12, 2016.


  (2) Charitable contribution made pursuant to the Company’s matching gift program.

The Company has in place a voluntary Deferred Compensation Plan for Directors of the Company. Amounts deferred pursuant to this plan are reflected in the “Fees Earned or Paid in Cash” column in the table above. This plan provides an opportunity for participants to elect to defer the receipt of either all or a portion of the fees received for service as a Director. Elections to defer must be filed in advance of earning such fees. Deferred amounts will earn investment credits in accordance with participant elections from a choice of investment funds (based on the funds available under the Company’s 401(k) plan). None of the deferred amounts was credited with above-market interest. Deferred amounts are payable upon separation from service or such other future date as specified by the participant at the time of election. The Company closed the Deferred Compensation Plan to new participants as of December 2015. The Company does not provide stock awards, option awards or other non-equity compensation to non-employee Directors.

“Controlled Company”

The descendants of Katharine Graham (including the Company’s Chairman of the Board) and trusts for the benefit of those descendants own the majority of the shares of Class A Common Stock and have the right to vote for 70% of the Board of Directors; thus the Company is a “controlled company” for purposes of Section 303A.00 of the New York Stock Exchange Listed Company Manual. As a “controlled company,” the Company is exempt from certain governance requirements, including the requirement that it have a nominating/corporate governance committee, and the Company does not deem it necessary to have such a committee. The Company does not have a procedure by which shareholders may recommend nominees to the Board, given the Company’s ownership structure. Notwithstanding the fact that as a “controlled company,” the Company is not required to have a Board of Directors that comprises a majority of “independent” directors, the Board has determined that current members Lee C. Bollinger, Christopher C. Davis, Thomas S. Gayner, Anne M. Mulcahy, Larry D. Thompson, G. Richard Wagoner, Jr. and Katharine Weymouth (who, together, constitute a majority of the Board) are “independent” within the meaning of Section 303A.02 of the New York Stock Exchange Listed Company Manual. In reaching this conclusion, the Board considered commercial relationships with companies at which Directors or their family members served as outside directors or executive officers. These relationships involved the Company’s purchases of services in the ordinary course of business that were made on arm’s-length terms under circumstances and in amounts that did not affect the relevant Directors’ independence.

Meetings of the Non-Management Directors

The listing requirements of the New York Stock Exchange call for the non-management Directors of the Company to meet regularly in executive session without management. The Board has appointed Christopher C. Davis as lead Director and has authorized him to preside at the executive sessions. The non-management Directors met in executive session in May 2016 and expect to meet in executive session in 2017 as appropriate.

Compensation Committee Interlocks and Insider Participation

Lee C. Bollinger, Barry Diller, Anne M. Mulcahy and Larry D. Thompson served as members of the Compensation Committee in 2016. No member of the Compensation Committee has ever been an employee of the Company. No executive officer of the Company serves on the compensation committee of any other entity that has, or has had, one or more of its executive officers serving on the Company’s Board of Directors.