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Investor Relations

SEC Filings

GRAHAM HOLDINGS CO filed this Form 10-K on 03/29/1994
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the non-discrimination rules of Sections 401(k) and (m) of the Internal Revenue
Code for such Plan Year.  In order to compute the amount of such Supplemental
Savings Award, a determination will be made of the dollar amount of
contributions the Executive Participant is able to make to his employer's
Savings Plan which result in matching employer contributions for such Executive
Participant under the terms of such Savings Plan.  This dollar amount will then
be expressed as a percentage (the "Applicable Percentage") of the amount of
compensation which can be recognized for purposes of the Savings Plan under
Section 401(a)(17) of the Internal Revenue Code for the then-current Plan Year.
Prior to the beginning of each Plan Year, the Executive Participant will be
provided with the opportunity to elect to irrevocably defer under this Plan the
Applicable Percentage (or any whole lower percentage) of the Executive
Participant's Actual Salary earned in excess of the 401(a)(17) Limitations for
such Plan Year.  Such a salary reduction is referred to as a "Supplemental
Basic Contribution." In the event that an Executive Participant elects to make
a Supplemental Basic Contribution under this Plan and, to the extent the
Company is not his employer, his employer forwards on a timely basis such
Supplemental Basic Contribution to the Company, such individual will receive a
Supplemental Savings Award under this Plan in the form of (i) a matching
contribution equal to the product of the Executive Participant's Supplemental
Basic Contribution times the matching employer contribution percentage under
the terms of the applicable Savings Plan and (ii) to the extent such
Participant's employer makes an unmatched contribution to the applicable
Savings Plan on behalf of such Participant, a contribution equal to the
difference between the amount of such unmatched contribution actually made
under such Savings Plan on behalf of such Participant and the amount of such
unmatched contribution such Participant would have received under such Savings
Plan if the 401(a)(17) Limitations had not been in effect (the "Supplemental
Savings Award").  The Supplemental Savings Award for any Plan Year shall be
made as of the first day of the following year or on such other basis as may be
approved by the Committee.