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Investor Relations

SEC Filings

GRAHAM HOLDINGS CO filed this Form 10-K on 03/29/1994
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                 Section 2.  Definitions.  As used in this Plan, the following
words shall have the following meanings:

                 (a)      "Actual Salary" means the regular basic compensation
paid or payable to an employee during a calendar year by the Company or an
Affiliate (including tax-deferred contributions, otherwise payable to an
employee, elected by the employee under any Savings Plan), but excluding any
other items of compensation such as (i) bonuses and commissions, (ii) overtime,
(iii) compensation under the terms of the Long-Term Incentive Compensation Plan
of the Company paid during such Plan Year, (iv) Workers' Compensation, (v)
amounts paid by the Company for insurance, retirement or other benefits, (vi)
contributions or payments made by the Company or an Affiliate (other than
tax-deferred contributions elected by the employee) under any Retirement Plan,
any Savings Plan, this Plan or other benefits, or (vii) dismissal or other
payments made to an employee as a result of termination of employment.  The
Actual Salary of an employee will include any payment made under any short-term
disability income plan of the Company or an Affiliate.

                 (b)      "Affiliate" means any corporation (other than the
Company) more than 50% of the outstanding stock of which is directly or
indirectly owned by the Company and any unincorporated trade or business which
is under common control with the Company as determined in accordance with
Section 414(c) of the Internal Revenue Code and the regulations issued

                 (c)      "Applicable Percentage" shall have the meaning set
forth in Section 4.

                 (d)      "Compensation" means the Actual Salary of an employee
plus, starting in 1988, bonuses payable under the Annual Incentive Compensation
Plan of the Company

                                    - 2 -