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Investor Relations

SEC Filings

GRAHAM HOLDINGS CO filed this Form 10-K on 03/29/1994
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     General advertising rates were increased by approximately 4.3% on February
3, 1993, and approximately another 3.7% on January 1, 1994.  Rates for most
categories of classified and retail advertising were increased by approximately
4.3% on February 1, 1993, and approximately an additional 4.1% on February 1,

     The following table sets forth The Post's advertising inches (excluding
preprints) and number of preprints for the past five years:

                                              1989        1990      1991        1992          1993
                                             -----        ----      ----        ----          ----
<S>                                           <C>         <C>        <C>         <C>          <C>
Total Inches (in thousands)..............     4,679       4,125      3,571       3,435        3,394
    Full-Run Inches .....................     4,492       3,938      3,376       3,215        3,165
    Part-Run Inches .....................       187         187        195         220          229
Preprints (in millions)..................       921         987        993       1,135        1,142

    The Post also publishes The Washington Post National Weekly Edition, a
tabloid which contains selected articles and features from The Washington Post
edited for a national audience.  The National Weekly Edition has a basic
subscription price of $48.00 per year and is delivered by second class mail to
approximately 114,000 subscribers.

    The Post has about 520 full-time editors, correspondents, reporters and
photographers on its staff, draws upon the news reporting facilities of the
major wire services and maintains correspondents in 18 news centers abroad and
in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Richmond, Baltimore, Annapolis
and Austin, Texas.


    The Company owns The Daily Herald Company, publisher of The Herald in
Everett, Washington, about 30 miles north of Seattle.  The Herald is published
mornings seven days a week and is primarily distributed by home delivery in
Snohomish County.

    The Herald's average paid circulation as reported to ABC for the twelve
months ended September 30, 1993, was 52,356 daily (including Saturday) and
63,732 Sunday (up .3% and down .5%, respectively, from the twelve months ended
September 30, 1992).  Full- run advertising inches (excluding preprints)
decreased 4.0% in 1993 to 888,952 inches, while zoned part-run advertising
increased 11.8% to 107,667 inches. The number of preprints distributed
increased 3.9% to 100,128,775.

    The Herald employs approximately 57 editors, reporters and photographers.


    In June 1993 the Company acquired the 16% of the common stock of The
Gaithersburg Gazette, Inc. it did not already own.  This subsidiary (the name
of which has been changed to The Gazette Newspapers, Inc.) publishes one
paid-circulation and 13 controlled- circulation weekly community newspapers
(collectively known as The Gazette Newspapers) in Montgomery County and limited
parts of Frederick and Carroll Counties, Maryland.  During 1993 The Gazette
Newspapers had an aggregate average weekly circulation of more than 230,000

    The Gazette Newspapers have approximately 60 editors, reporters and
photographers on their combined staffs.