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Investor Relations

SEC Filings

GRAHAM HOLDINGS CO filed this Form 10-K on 03/29/1994
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distribution subsidiary) and Legi-Slate each has fewer than 125 employees.
None of these units' employees is represented by a union.


     The Company owns the publishing plant and principal offices of The
Washington Post in downtown Washington, D.C., including both a seven-story
building in use since 1950 and a connected nine-story office building on
contiguous property completed in 1972 in which are located the Company's
principal executive offices.  In 1980 the Company completed construction of a
satellite printing plant on 13 acres of land owned by the Company in Fairfax
County, Virginia, and in September 1981 purchased the printing plant of the
defunct Washington Star located in Southeast Washington, D.C.  The Company owns
a 34-acre tract of undeveloped land in Prince George's County, Maryland, and a
39-acre tract of undeveloped land near Dulles Airport in Fairfax County,
Virginia, both of which are suitable for the construction of facilities for the
printing and distribution of copies of The Post to suburban locations.  The
Company also owns 10 acres of undeveloped land in Montgomery County, Maryland.

     Additionally, the Company owns land on the corner of 15th and L Streets,
N.W., in Washington, D.C., adjacent to The Washington Post plant and office
building.  The Company has leased this property under a long-term ground lease
to The Prudential Insurance Company of America, which in 1982 completed
construction of a new multi-story office building on the site.  The Company
rents a number of floors in this building.   The Company also owns and occupies
a small office building on L Street which is next to The Post's downtown plant.

     The Herald owns its plant and office building in Everett, Washington; it
also owns two warehouses adjacent to its plant and a small office building in
Lynnwood, Washington, from which it manages its south Snohomish County
operations.  During 1993 The Herald completed installation of a new offset

     The Gazette Newspapers, Inc. owns the one-story brick building in
Gaithersburg, Maryland, that serves as headquarters for The Gazette Newspapers.
Satellite editorial and sales offices are located in leased premises.

     The principal offices of Newsweek are currently located in the Newsweek
Building at 444 Madison Avenue in New York City, where Newsweek rents space on
18 floors.  Newsweek will relocate its New York City offices to 251 West 57th
Street during the first quarter of 1994.  The lease on the space in the new
location will expire in 2009, but is renewable for a 15-year period at
Newsweek's option at rentals to be negotiated or arbitrated.  Newsweek's
accounting, production and distribution depart- ments, and its subscription
service and computer operations, are located in a facility Newsweek built in
1987 on a 16-acre tract in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey.

     The headquarters offices of the Company's broadcasting operations are
located in the same facilities in downtown Washington that house the Company's
principal executive offices.  Each of the Company's television stations
operates in facilities owned by the Company.

     The headquarters offices of the Cable Television Division are located in
leased premises in Phoenix, Arizona.  The majority of the offices and head-end
facilities of the Division's individual cable systems are located in buildings
owned by the Company.  Substantially all the tower sites used by the Division
are leased.

     Robinson Terminal Warehouse Corporation owns two wharves and several
warehouses in Alexandria, Virginia.  These facilities are adjacent to the
business district and occupy approximately