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Investor Relations

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GRAHAM HOLDINGS CO filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/31/1994
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                               PERFORMANCE GRAPH
     The following graph is a comparison of the yearly percentage change in the
Company's cumulative total shareholder return with the cumulative total return
of the Standard & Poor's 500 Stock Index and the cumulative total return of a
group of peer issuers. For purposes of this graph, it has been assumed that
dividends were reinvested on the date paid in the case of the Company and the
group of peer issuers and on quarterly basis in the case of the Standard &
Poor's 500 Index.
                             [PERFORMANCE GRAPH]

                         The Washington Post Company
                  Cumulative Total Shareholder Return for
                 Five-Year Period Ending December 31, 1993

                    1988       1989      1990      1991      1992       1993

Washington Post    $100.00    $134.56    $96.32    $96.47    $116.09    $131.04
S&P 500            $100.00    $131.59   $127.49   $166.17    $178.81    $195.75
Peer Group(1)      $100.00    $116.86    $95.57   $103.80    $120.44    $145.14

(1) The peer group includes the following companies: Gannett Co. Inc., Knight
Ridder, Inc., The New York Times Company, The Times-Mirror Company, Tribune
Company, A.H. Belo Corp., Dow Jones and Company, Inc., Lee Enterprises, Inc.,
McGraw Hill Inc., Media General Inc., Meredith Corp., Multimedia Inc., Pulitzer
Publishing Company, CBS Inc., Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. and Park Communications,
Inc. Affiliated Publications, Inc., which is included in the peer group returns
prior to 1993, is not included in the peer group returns for 1993 because during
1993 Affiliated Publication, Inc., was acquired by The New York Times Company.