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Investor Relations

SEC Filings

GRAHAM HOLDINGS CO filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/31/1994
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income are met for Post-Newsweek Stations and Newsweek, respectively. No
incentive will be paid if the financial goals are not met. In 1993, the
Committee adopted a special incentive program for two key executives of other
divisions of the Company.
     Under the Company's Stock Option Plan, which was approved by shareholders,
shares of Class B Stock are issuable upon the exercise of stock options that
have been or may be granted to key employees of the Company and its
subsidiaries, including the executives whose compensation is detailed in this
proxy statement.
     The Compensation Committee believes that significant equity interests in
the Company held by key employees responsible for the Company's future growth
and continued success align the interests of shareholders and management, since
the full benefit of the compensation package cannot be realized unless stock
appreciation occurs over a number of years. In the opinion of management, which
is concurred in by the Compensation Committee, there are at present
approximately 28 key employees who fall within that category. Although there is
no target stock ownership level for key employees, in determining the number of
shares to be granted under options, the Compensation Committee takes into
account the amount and value of options currently held, as well as makes a
judgment about the level of contribution already made by and the potential of
such key employees to continue to make contributions to the Company. The
Compensation Committee does not assign relative weights to such factors.
     Given Mr. Graham's significant ownership in the Company (see description of
holdings under "Stock Holdings of Certain Beneficial Owners and Management"),
the Compensation Committee has not granted any stock options to Mr. Graham.
     No stock option awards were granted to the executives whose compensation is
detailed in this proxy statement during 1993.
     At various times in the past the Company has adopted certain broad-based
employee benefit plans in which the chief executive officer and the other
individuals whose compensation is detailed in this proxy statement are eligible
to participate on the same terms as non-executive employees who meet applicable
eligibility criteria, subject to applicable legal limitations on the amount of
benefits that may be payable pursuant to those plans. Benefits under the savings
and retirement plans are not tied to Company performance.
     For the chief executive officer and certain other senior executives and
managerial employees including the named executives, the Company's Supplemental
Executive Retirement Plan ("SERP") provides tax-deferred accruals of amounts
proportionate to the benefits available to non-highly compensated participants
in the Company's savings and retirement plans, but which exceed benefits
permitted under the Company's plans due to tax law limitations. In 1993 no
amount was accrued for the benefit of Mr. Graham with respect to an employer
credit under the