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Investor Relations

SEC Filings

GRAHAM HOLDINGS CO filed this Form 8-K on 05/06/1994
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Contracts" pursuant to clauses (i), (ii) or (iii) of the first sentence of
Section 5.1.9(a), exclusive in any case of (x) any Employee Plan and (y) prior
to the time at which Seller shall have received all consents, waivers and
approvals applicable thereto, any San Antonio Contract referred to in Section

         1.1.14. Assumed San Antonio Liabilities.  "Assumed San Antonio
Liabilities" means the Assumed San Antonio Balance Sheet Liabilities and the
Assumed San Antonio Contract Liabilities.

         1.1.15. Assumption Documents.  "Assumption Documents" means such
instruments of assumption and other instruments and documents, duly executed by
Purchasers in such forms and covering such matters as Seller may reasonably
request, reflecting the assumption of the Assumed Liabilities by Purchasers in
accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

         1.1.16. Balance Sheet.  "Balance Sheet" has the meaning ascribed to 
such term in Section 5.1.4(a).

         1.1.17. Balance Sheet Date.  "Balance Sheet Date" means September 30,

         1.1.18. Blue Ridge.  "Blue Ridge" means Blue Ridge Tower Corporation,
a Texas corporation.

         1.1.19. Blue Ridge Assets.  "Blue Ridge Assets" means all rights,
properties and assets owned by Blue Ridge or used by Blue Ridge in the conduct
of its business activities, including the Blue Ridge Owned Real Property, the
Blue Ridge Leased Real Property, the Blue Ridge Owned Tangible Personal
Property, the Blue Ridge Leased Tangible Personal Property and the Blue Ridge

         1.1.20. Blue Ridge Contracts.  "Blue Ridge Contracts" means all
leases, rental agreements, tenancies, licenses, concession agreements and other
agreements, understandings, grants, permissions, licenses, commitments or
privileges, express or implied, oral or written, granting a right, privilege,
or permission to use, possess, occupy or exploit any property (including the
Blue Ridge Real Property Leases) and leases relating to the Blue Ridge Leased
Tangible Personal Property and all other agreements, contracts and contractual
rights to the extent the foregoing relate to, or are used by Blue Ridge in
connection with the conduct of, the business activities of Blue Ridge.

         1.1.21. Blue Ridge Leased Real Property.  "Blue Ridge Leased Real
Property" means all of the real property interests other than the Blue Ridge
Owned Real Property used by Blue Ridge