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Investor Relations

SEC Filings

GRAHAM HOLDINGS CO filed this Form 8-K on 05/06/1994
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         1.1.103.  Purchasers.  "Purchasers" means the Houston Purchaser and
the San Antonio Purchaser.

         1.1.104.  Real Property.  "Real Property" means the Owned Real
Property, the Houston Leased Real Property, the San Antonio Leased Real
Property, the Blue Ridge Leased Real Property and the HT Joint Venture Leased
Real Property.

         1.1.105.  Real Property Leases.  "Real Property Leases" has the
meaning ascribed to such term in Section 5.1.7(d).

         1.1.106.  Real Property Lessors.  "Real Property Lessors" has the
meaning ascribed to such term in Section 5.1.7(d).

         1.1.107.  Related Party.  "Related Party" means, in addition to any
Affiliate of Seller, any spouse of any stockholder of Seller, any member of any
such stockholder's immediate family, any trust established for the benefit of
any such stockholder or any spouse or immediate family member thereof and any
person or entity that, directly or through one or more intermediaries, controls
or is controlled by any of the foregoing.

         1.1.108.  Remediation.  "Remediation" has the meaning ascribed to such
term in Section 6.10.

         1.1.109.  Retained Liabilities.  "Retained Liabilities" has the
meaning ascribed to such term in Section 4.2.

         1.1.110.  San Antonio Business.  "San Antonio Business" means the
business of Seller relating to or associated with Seller's ownership and
operation of the KSAT-TV Station, including without limitation procurement and
production of programming, news gathering and reporting activities, sales and
barters of advertising, television broadcasting and transmissions to cable or
wireless cable television operators.

         1.1.111.  San Antonio Contracts.  "San Antonio Contracts" means all
leases, rental agreements, tenancies, concession agreements and other
agreements, understandings, grants, permissions, commitments or privileges,
express or implied, oral or written, granting a right, privilege, or permission
to use, possess, occupy or exploit any property (including the San Antonio Real
Property Leases) and leases relating to the San Antonio Leased Tangible
Personal Property and all other agreements, contracts, and contractual rights
to the extent the foregoing relate to, or are used by Seller in connection with
the conduct of, the San Antonio Business (regardless of whether entered into
under Seller's corporate name, under the name of the KSAT-TV Station or under
any assumed name used by Seller).

         1.1.112.  San Antonio Intellectual Property Rights.  "San Antonio
Intellectual Property Rights" means the Scheduled